Price Guide For Building Carports in Brisbane


Price Guide For Building Carports in Brisbane

Price Guide For Building Carports in Brisbane

Costs Involved For Hiring Carport Builders

Costs For Carport Builders Brisbane

For Brisbane homeowners looking to replace their garage, expand storage space or generally increase space for their cars, carports are excellent solutions. They are flexible storage spaces, offer plenty of ventilation and don’t need as many council approvals as garages do. You have a choice of installing a carport kit or having your carport custom built, and we recommend custom carports because of certain advantages it offers you.

Advantages of building a custom carport versus kit carport (DIY)

Custom carports can be built to suit your budget and specific usage needs, after comprehensive consultation. Whether you want a gable roof, a flat roof, a dutch gable roof or any other type of roof that you want, a custom builder can accurately design and engineer the carport of your choice, and build it for you.

One of the reasons why a custom carport is better than a Do It Yourself kit is that carport construction is not a typical DIY project. It may involve electrical work, working with concrete, some carpentry work that may require professionals in these areas to be hired, every builder in Brisbane is required to be fully licensed and insured, you can learn more about licenses from the Queensland Building & Construction Commission (QBCC) website. When you have a custom carport built, the carport company takes care of all the little details that go into building a carport. All you have to do is sit back and let them do the job. Any approval that is needed from the building council will usually be taken care of by your custom builders.

What is included in building a carport?

Carports Brisbane

Custom carport building involves offering you a concept for your carport, designing, engineering, approvals and final construction. Building a carport from scratch will require the pouring of concrete or placing of concrete slabs in the carport area, carpentry work for building timber gable trusses, the production of steel posts, corrugated PVC roofing or Colorbond steel roofing, carpentry, lighting and wiring. Many local carport builders like Pro Carports Brisbane will also offer to enhance your carport with windows, exterior doors, sliding barn doors or hardware, a storage loft, workbench and eaves or gutters to increase the usability and style of of your carport.

Choosing a Frame – Steel or Timber?

While you have a choice between timber and steel for your carport frame, you should ideally choose steel and timber frames for high quality and durability. The posts can be steel cladded in timber pillars for strength and aesthetics. If you choose a gable frame, timber gives a wonderful appearance. A tin roof can be matched with corrugated Zincalume orb. You can choose to leave the structural beams on the ceiling naked or have a timber ceiling installed to hide the beams.

Choosing Roofing Materials

There are several kinds of roofing materials available to you:


  • Aluminum: resistant to corrosion, lightweight, very durable, can be cut to size and is recyclable.
  • Zincalume: a kind of sheet metal that is very long lasting, easy to clean and can be painted any color
  • Colorbond Steel: available in 22 colors, long lasting, low maintenance and designed to last through Brisbane weather – Visit Colorbond to view colour choices
  • Polycarbonate: very tough material available in opaque or transparent forms, stronger and lighter than glass and resistant to sunlight.
  • Tile: suitable for gable roofs and matches traditional homes best, very durable and almost no maintenance needed.

Types of Roofs

Carport Roofs


There are several types of roofs that you can choose for your carport. The most popular types include:

  • Flat roofs: very common in Brisbane and less expensive than gable roofs.
  • Gable roofs: this type of roof lets in more sunlight, offers better drainage and needs less maintenance.
  • A combination of flat and gable: this modern style of roof will suit asymmetrical homes.
  • Flyover roofs: this kind of angled roof is not attached to the main house but hovers over the carport, lets in more air and also promotes runoff.


The Costs of a Custom Carport

Custom Carport Costs

When you consider the costs associated with having a custom carport built, these are some of the elements of the construction you need to be aware of.

Pouring Concrete:

Carports may be fully covered or partially enclosed but you should always have a concrete pad laid down. The price of concrete is around $75 for every cubic yard (or less than $3 per cubic feet). If the area of your slab is an average 26 cubic yards (or around 700 cubic feet), then the cost of concrete comes to around $2000.

Cost of Wood Framing and Gabled Roof:

Flat roofs will cost less, but if you choose a gabled roof, your builder will typically use 2X8 beams bolted to 4X4 beams. The structure will also require angle brackets, rafters, galvanized bolts and joist hangers. The cost of the lumber will vary depending on the design of the roof.

Cost of Colorbond Steel Roofing:

Colorbond steel sheets used for roofing typically costs $29 for every square meter.

While costs will vary widely depending on the design and materials used, in general, you can expect the basic costs of the following types of roofs to be as follows:

  • single carport: a single carport of timber with Colorbond roofing may start at $3200.
  • double carport: a double timber carport with a gabled roof can cost over $5000.
  • enclosed carport: enclosed carports will have to factor in doors, hardware, paneling etc. and can cost significantly more.

Is A Custom Carport A Good Investment?

Is A Carport A Good Investment?

A custom carport can be designed to suit your preferences, and it will be one of a kind. There will be no other carport like it. It can raise the resale value of your home. Custom carports are very flexible, and can be made to look like a natural extension of your Queenslander style home or more modern home. Building is hassle-free – you can leave it entirely to us to design (with your approval), build and clear up your property with the least inconvenience to you.

To get even more ideas you can view some great photos of custom carports on Houzz here.


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